Otis Mensah

Otis Mensah Folk Forest Sheffield

Otis Mensah is a young rap-poet embodying a contemporary take on alternative hip-hop music and spoken word poetry. With endeavours to shed light on existential commonalities through vulnerable expression, Otis’
work reads like a stream of consciousness, documenting journeys of thought. Drawing from influences such as Common, Aesop Rock and The Roots, Otis delivers off-kilter lyrics with a sentimental vibe. Otis has performed live with the likes of Arrested Development, Killah Priest, Oddisee, Illa J, Mahalia, Lowkey, Abstract Orchestra, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Homeboy Sandman, P.O.S, The Mouse Outfit, Cosmo Sheldrake and as tour-support for Brother Ali and Chali 2na. As an emerging artist, Otis continues to release music independently, touring his latest album “Mum’s House Philosopher” around the UK & Europe, appearing on stages at Hip Hop Kemp Festival (Czech Republic), Garden Wonder (Budapest), University of the Underground (Amsterdam), Conne Island (Leipzig), Poetry Meets Hip Hop (Berlin) and Glastonbury Music Festival (UK).

Describing Otis as “dynamic, skilful and radical”, former Lord Mayor and current MEP Magid Magid appointed Otis Mensah as the first Poet Laureate of Sheffield. As Poet Laureate, his role is to break down preconceived ideas about what it means to be a poet. From delivering school assemblies to leading poetry workshops, Otis engages young people and institutions, advocating for Rap as an effective vehicle for emotional communication.
Otis Mensah recently made his debut book premiere with “SAFE METAMORPHOSIS!!”, a collection of poems and philosophical ideas that explores the voice of unspoken trauma & everyday life transformations.
His new EP “Rap Poetics” is a continuation of the book, exploring rap as an intellectual art form and potent form of poetry in the face of a white-washed elitist poetry/art world.