Little Robots

Little Robots“Little Robots are the most siren-like band I think I’ve seen”. – Nat Johnson

“Through a steam-whistle of woman-powered vocals and eclectic instrumentation, Little Robots’ full-blooded renditions of blues-folk originals feel immediately inclusive.”
– Diane Cluck

First there was a bang. Then there was a clang and then all of a sudden out of the smoke 3 little robots appeared…. There’s more than 3 of them and nothing robotic about their playing. The sounds of Appalachia via Sheffield, ring out from the right side of the Seven Hills and beyond. This tight knit collective utilise traditional instrumentation and employ close harmony singing to draw the audience into their love of folk and blues.

Little Robots began in 2009 when Laura decided to stop making little robots and become one. Since then Little Robots have messed around, fluffed up and settled down into their proverbial slippers with the current line up of Laura Mary, Lindy and Lee.