Here's some of the music from 2019.

We're currently working on the programme for 2020. Its our 10th anniversary to we promise a big one!


Roy Ayres - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Yussef Dayes - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Lau - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Honeyfeet - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Sheffield Beatles Project - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Jack Cheshire - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Alasdair Roberts - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Tetes De Pois - Sheffield - Folk Forest

Têtes de Pois

oh papa - Sheffield - Folk Forest


david thomas broughton - Sheffield - Folk Forest


captives on the carousel - Sheffield - Folk Forest


little robots - Sheffield - Folk Forest


Bird Table Stage


 7pm – Treebeard, 6pm – Charm, 5pm – Luke Carver-Goss, 4pm - Richard Masters,  3pm - Sue Cain and Tegwen Roberts, 2 pm – Thomas Mainland, 1pm – Folkworks, 12pm –12pm –  All day dog’s breakfast


 7pm – Balkan Bandits, 6pm – 20 Ft Squid, 5pm - Death and the dancer, 4pm - Follow the moon, 3pm - Hazel Leigh, 2pm - Arash Sabet, 1pm - Manny and Liz, 12pm - Steve Rivers & Unbeatable Energy 

The Balkan Bandits

Greetings dahlinks from the Balkan Bandits, here to kidnap your good musical taste! We are Sheffield's klezmer cabaret troubadours and guarantee dancing, laughs and a huge slice of (halloumi) cheese! we perform a unique brand of classics in the infectious Balkan style. From I Will Survive to Wallace and Gromit as well as our self penned songs about cosmonauts and the death of Lenin. Na Zdrove!

Arash Sabet

Iranian singer-songwriter based in Sheffield, UK whose music is combination of blues,rock and folk. Staying close to his roots, lyrics are often sung in Farsi and Gilaki.

20 Ft Squid Blues Band

Up beat irreverent blues, mixing elements of the Chicago style with a broader take on the blues
tradition. This is fast paced vibrant blues with eye-popping harmonica and intricate beats

Richard Masters

Tales of romantic thieves, amnesia and talking birds "Richard masters is a true wordsmith, phrasemaker and line-wizard. He understands how to make art from the meeting of music and language and get them to work together to create that elusive invisible object that we call a song. Ian McMillan

Death and the dancer

Death and the dancer A fast-paced, foot-tapping blend of transatlantic folk music styles, drawing unlikely inspiration from the blood-soaked popular ballad tradition and the chilling ‘Danse Macabre’ imagery of medieval Europe. Come dance away your worldly cares; when Death scrapes the bow, all folk must dance.”


Folk Factory

The Folk Factory are community folk groups that meet once a week to sing and play folk music. We play music from all around the world and write our own material, on a variety of different instruments. We have performed at a National Level, as part of the Music For Youth festival, and are open to new members- any instrument, any ability!

Thomas Mainland

Trevor Thomas and Barbara Mainland play instrumental fiddle/guitar music from Orkney, Shetland and beyond.

The Duo Granley

Manny Grimsley (The Balkan bandits) and Liz Hanley (Frog Belly and Symphony) make up the 'Duo Granley'. A new folk duo with roots on both sides of the Atlantic. A melding of English, Irish, American traditional folk, both performers boast strong voices and skills on the fiddle. Their music is designed to focus energy on a single point in time and carry the audience along on a journey, hopefully, a good one.

Luke Carver-Goss

Luke Carver Goss writes songs that are poignant and sad, angry and funny - sometimes all at the same time. Expect to hear songs about: teapots as big as moons, accordions that don't get stolen, the
place where the answers are found, and Britain's first apostrophe amnesty day. He accompanies
himself on accordion and guitar (not at the same time) and is mostly found gigging in bands or
accompanying Barnsley poet Ian McMillan. This is his first solo appearance at a festival!"

Tree Beard

Sheffield based Treebeard play lively original Celtic folk-rock.


Late night jazz for all times of day.

Follow the Moon

Original folk band playing Ceri Ashton's songs and tunes, featuring a range of instruments from cello to trumpet.

Sue Cain and Tegwen Roberts

Tegwen Roberts & Sue Cain are two thirds of a capella harmony group The Fates.  This year they have been creating historical song walks, exploring the stories & characters of Victorian Sheffield, and will be sharing some of those songs with the Bird Table audience

Hazel Leigh

Hazel sings, picks and strums songs about life, love, female bare-fist fighters and heroic rescues.

Steve Rivers & Unbeatable Energy

From beginnings in classical percussion, Steve turned to African drumming in 1995 and has visited Gambia and Senegal on multiple occasions to research drumming history and culture, and to learn new rhythms, beats and dances.

Through drumming workshops and events, Steve and his team have unlocked the undiscovered creativity and rhythm in hundreds of adults and children across the country.